90/10 Split Transitions to 100% commission after cap, Lead Opportunities, Elite Training, Passive Income Potential with Mark Allen realty, Chicagoland's boutique, virtual, real estate brokerage

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Keep More of Your Money

Mark Allen Realty has a simple and transparent compensation model. Every agent has the same commission split: 90/10 commission plus a $250 transaction fee. Once you hit your annual cap of $20k, you receive 100% commission and only pay the $250 transaction fee.


No Fees

Mark Allen Realty has no monthly fees, no annual fees, no desk fees, no technology fees, and no franchise fees. We also cover errors and omissions insurance. The only time you pay Mark Allen Realty is when you close a transaction.


Your Leads Your Way

We empower our agents to focus on the secret sauce to success in real estate: lead generation and conversion. Our proprietary training teaches agents how to generate leads and convert them using our buyer and seller proven processes.Mark Allen Realty provides a zero cost house lead database with 7,500+ leads and actively prospects for business and offers these opportunities to agents at a 60/40 split.With Mark Allen Realty's relationship with PrimeStreet agents have the opportunity to opt-in to receive referrals. Agents receiving PrimeStreet referrals will benefit from a dedicated call center that diligently nurtures leads on their behalf. Upon identifying leads primed for buying or selling within the next six months, PrimeStreet seamlessly transfers them to the agent, providing an invaluable opportunity to capitalize on these prospects.Additionally, our agents have discounted access to run targeted Google ads in a chosen neighborhood(s) or zip code(s), connecting them with a minimum of 20-30 leads per month!


CRM and Marketing Platform

We provide all of our agents with a CRM: Sierra Interactive. This is a real estate sales and marketing platform that helps agents and teams get more leads and close more deals. Promote your listings and create your own IDX website. Take advantage of automated follow up plans to engage with your leads behind the scenes and utilize your integrated dialer for seamless communication. Run your business from your desktop or the palm of your hand.


Set Your Goals and Reach Them with our Training and Support

Within our robust virtual campus, you have access to our proprietary training, agent collaboration, mentorship opportunities, support, and our library of resources. Run your real estate business like a business with our intentional Business Planning Course. Learn how to generate and convert leads and take daily action ON your business with our Take Action Channel.We create weekly curated social media content for our agents to share on their accounts with the click of a button. You have full access to our hub of content you can easily edit to reflect your personal brand.


Proven Systems and Processes To Monetize Your SOI

Your Sphere of Influence is a massive contributor to your success as a real estate agent. Our proven processes keep you organized and accountable so you have the right conversations with the people you already know. We teach you how to grow your database to maximize your referral business and increase your income.


Passive Income For Referring Agents? Yep.

We make it simple. No downlines, no MLM tactics, no complicated percentages that never seem to add up. For each agent you refer to Mark Allen Realty, you earn $250 each time that agent closes a buyer/seller transaction. If you are a team leader, earn this for each team member who closes a transaction.


Healthcare Options

Mark Allen Realty has pre-negotiated a discount for all of our agents in order to provide access to group pricing even though you’re an independent business owner. Agents who take advantage of this program save an average of $8,000 per year on their premiums.

Learn From Millionaire Real Estate Agent Matt LISS

Matt Liss, the $40 million+ producer and founder, hosts weekly mentorship calls and is available for coaching for you to tap into the wisdom of the wizard himself. You'll have a direct line to real estate success, and you'll soon be conjuring up your own sales magic.

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